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Korean Skin Care Mask Pack - ACROPASS ( Microneedle patch )

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For your skin hydration and nutrition!

1. Bring the moisturizing effect on the skin has reacted to the temperature of the skin.

2. To make a natural moisturizing film on the skin to form, maintain softness for a long time and becomes the skin shiny.

3. Microneedle


Microneedle Patch is the best existing skin barrier penetration technology.  

It delivers the active ingredients into the skin painlessly; and is convenient enough to be used for the self-treatment.
It is safe and effective drug delivery system for patients, elderly, and children who are afraid of injection needles.

4. Efficient Delivery


The active ingredients solidified into each Microneedle dissolve inside the skin; thereby ensuring a high percentage of the drug gets delivered to where it is most needed. In addition, Microneedle do not generate waste, and are therefore more environmentally-friendly.


5. DAB Technique


The Microneedle of RAPHAS was manufactured with its unique Droplet-born Air Blowing (DAB)
technique: This particular method eliminates potential loss or distortion of the active ingredients.
(US8545741 patent registered in the United States and 12 patents registered in Korea).

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Korean Skin Care _Mask Pack_

Korean Skin Care _Mask Pack_